HCAM Junior Member Education Program


HCAM Cares about Youth, Our Most Precious National Resource

HCAM is one of the area's fastest growing clubs and we place a priority on supporting our youth. Any person under 18 years of age is eligible to join HCAM at no cost. They are required to be an AMA member so we honor our promises to the City of Austin for all members to have AMA insurance. The AMA insurance for youth is only $1.00. In addition we have a staff of six volunteer / instructors to help any new member learn to fly safely and to have fun.

We have developed several youth programs aimed specifically at recruiting and developing future pilots.


These Youth Programs have increased our youth membership to 26 with ten more in the HCAM sponsored Paredes Middle School Aero Club. Many of our youth have soloed and enjoy the same privileges of any adult HCAM pilot. We currently support two elementary schools which includes providing special events like Memorial Day assemblies and other educational activities.


HCAM has been been honored to work with Parker School ROTC students in teaching them to build and fly. One club member, who is a Science Teacher, is working to get Remote Control accredited as part of the school science curriculum.


We are also supporting two University of Texas senior level engineering classes by providing assistance teaching students to fly, with the classwork completed at our field literally part of their grade.


We have connected with the Civil Air Patrol and are developing joint programs that will enrich children with the knowledge and experience of both organizations. HCAM has also been supporting local home schooled students programs and has been fortunate enough to work with 43 families.


Along with our support of Small Middle School Robotics Classes, our closest neighbor and partner in some of our favorite programs are with Parades Middle school.


In 2010 we sponsored and currently support an after school Aero Club where the students work with six volunteer / instructors to go from learning the science and physics of flight to becoming a pilot. We also have been supporting the Parades Middle School Science Classes.


The Hill Country Aeromodelers are dedicated to area youth and are very pleased with the positive results of our programs and the positive feedback from parents and the community.

Please use this page as your resource to keep up to date on our youth programs and activities. If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding our youth and community outreach program please feel free to contact us and share your thoughts.