How can I join the club and learn to fly?

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Club Safety Rules

The Hill Country AeroModelers Radio Control Association offers free flight instruction to members. Members must have a current membership card, and a current AMA license. The "Aeromodelers" currently list many qualified flight instructors who instruct on a voluntary basis. Their availability is governed by work and personal constraints. Flight instruction is available during the week by appointment, and on weekends. Saturday mornings are the best time for lessons, starting at 9:00 AM. 
It is, generally, the students responsibility to schedule with an instructor. Instructors are listed below:

Dennis Crawford           626-392-1291 By Appointment Only
Rick Frysinger 512-426-1399 By Appointment Only
Joe Seitz 512-280-7889 By Appointment Only
Aaron Feen (Helis only) 512-301-6034 By Appointment Only
These instructor(s), as well as experienced club members, will help you set up your new trainer plane, and test fly your new trainer, as required. If you are a new student pilot, become familiar with the club rules, and follow them. They are safety oriented, and time proven. Don't hesitate to ask questions, and enjoy the fun and pleasures of radio controlled flying.