How can I join the club and learn to fly?

Club Membership and Flight Instructions

RC FLIGHT INSTRUCTION (The fun stuff---flying!) 

The Hill Country AeroModelers offers free flight instruction to members. Members must have both current HCAM membership and current full AMA membership . The "Aeromodelers" currently have many qualified flight instructors who instruct on a voluntary basis; whose availability is governed by work and personal constraints.


Contact our Chief Flight Instructor (Joe Seitz 512-280-7889) and Joe can then coordinate with a club instructor to begin your rc flight instruction.  


A few words of caution: We strongly urge you not to run out and buy an rc airplane and flight gear without talking with your rc flight instructor---some aircraft are not suitable for instruction and/or beginning flyers. Also, don't try to teach yourself to fly---it gets disappointing (and expensive) really quick. And finally, we can teach you to fly, but you must give your time and effort on a regular basis to solo. Sporadic flight lessons every 3-4 weeks won't allow you to build your rc flight skill set.


2019  Hill Country AeroModelers Annual Membership Application 

Application (.pdf)

Application (.doc)